Before you buy Academia : School Simulator, we want to make sure you understand what you're getting into.  Academia : School Simulator is NOT FINISHED!  The game is currently in Early Access. There will be BUGS!  Sometimes your SAVES may not work when we have a new update! These are risks any player that purchases the game must weigh before buying the game. However the game is stable and playable, and this isn't our first game, so we have a track record.  We've also been doing devlogs of the game on Youtube and do regular updates on Steam to assure everyone that development is an ongoing process.  

The best way to support development would be to buy through the Humble Widget below, because this lets us keep most of the revenue. With the humble widget you will get a choice of a DRM-free Windows or Mac version, or a Steam key for those of you that like having all your games in one collection.

WARNING! The Humble Widget version of the game is only in English. To play using our language mods, please download the game through Steam by using the Steam key!!

The humble widget links above provide Steam keys, but if for whatever reason your really want to buy through Steam you can do so using this widget!