Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Academia : School Simulator?

You can buy Academia on Steam or non-DRM versions using the Humble Widget

Who is making the Game?

Academia is being made by Squeaky Wheel, an independent PC game studio based in the Philippines.  Squeaky Wheel is made up of local gamedev veterans, including the artist of Prison Architect, Ryan Sumo.  To learn more about Squeaky Wheel and their first game, Political Animals, check out their website here.

What platforms will it be released on?

Academia will initially be available for Windows.  Mac and Linux builds will follow as we smooth out our production process.  We are only a 4 man team, so please understand that our resources are limited!

I have some suggestions for the game! Where can I send them?

Once the game launches into Early Access we will have a forum ready for you guys to give us feedback and suggestions.  Till then you can click on the contact page and get in touch with us that way.

Are you open to answer some questions for an article/blog/video?

Of course! We'd love to! Feel free to contact us here and we can work something out for both our schedules.

Can I help you guys out?

Yes of course! It would help us a lot if you spread the word about Academia! Every share and retweet means a lot to us and helps us reach more people who might be interested in the game!